Consulting Company ZULU (Kehitysyhteistyötoimisto ZULU) is a company that specialises in various expert services in the field of development cooperation. Welcome to the company's website!

The name of the company comes from the Finnish old educational children's song 'Zulu', which states that 'Zulu ei oo pulu, vaan hän on afrikkalainen’.

ZULU's clients include Aalto University, Abilis Foundation, The Children and Youth Foundation, Deaconess Foundation, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK), Disability Partnership Finland, Fairtrade Finland, Family Federation of Finland, Fida International, Fingo, Finn Church Aid, Finnish Association of the Deaf, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (Felm), The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES ), The Finnish Heritage Agency, Finnish Lutheran Overseas Mission FLOM, Finnish Red Cross, The Finnish Refugee Council, Finnwatch, Helinä Rautavaara Ethnographic Museum, International Solidarity Foundation, KIOS Foundation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Plan International Finland, Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland, The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK, Turku University of Applied Sciences, U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland sr (UFF), The UN Association of Finland, UNDP Finland, University of Helsinki, World Vision Finland and WWF Finland.


Consulting Company ZULU
Veera Pensala
Liisankatu 11 A 8
00170 Helsinki
+358 50 383 9282